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Tamkeen is an organization set up to develop Bahrain’s private sector, which is maintaining and positioning it as the key driver of economic development.

Tamkeen is looking forward to empower Bahrain to prosper and contribute to national economy. Its aim is to develop Bahrain for an effective competition in the labor market.

The primary objectives of this program are:

  • Promoting the creation and development of enterprises.
  • Efficiently supporting the existing enterprises for their growth and productivity in the market.

It greatly works on providing opportunities to individuals and enterprises to choose the employment of their choice based on their skills. It provides enterprises resources to efficiently capture opportunities in the market.

Tamkeen services drive increased productivity among business and help to generate value added job opportunities in the kingdom. Its initiatives focus mainly on funding and financing enterprises for development.

It helps start-ups as well as huge business organization achieve their goals at all levels be it financially or through employment. It also helps students to all senior executives achieve the right kind of employment satisfying their needs at all costs.

Its objective is to achieve an overall development of the kingdom hence it focuses on quality enhancement, customer care and gaining a result oriented approach. All individuals of Bahrain and enterprises are exposed to various training and consulting sessions to help them improve their knowledge and advise them efficiently.

Entrepreneurship and financing services are also provided for those who want to start freshly and achieve something big in their career. These programs are intended to help develop the capabilities of Bahrainis and enterprises and integrate new critical concepts for a sustainable private sector.

It looks forward to address all kinds of challenges and opportunities individuals are facing in Bahrain. It considers plans, activities and strategies put forward by governmental bodies and authorities seeking to common objectives bringing about economic development in the kingdom.

Tamkeen updates its strategy every three years to synchronize with the ongoing market trends, which makes it easier to achieve goals. Tamkeen’s evaluation and market research for enhancing data and information enables it to identify the economic, business and labor conditions of the economy and prioritize potential opportunities and areas of support for Tamkeen.

These programs have benefited a large amount of individuals and enterprises in Bahrain and greatly help in developing economical state of Bahrain.

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